Short Story Winner – “Their Separation” – Cassie Lynch

The day they came to tell my best friend, Nalia we were in the garden looking at the map, try to find the secret door of King Kelman. We found the map earlier today in the library, after I knocked a suit of armor on the bookcase holding a whole bunch of scrolls.

“Carsen!” Nalia yelled at me, but not too loud considering we were in the library.

“I was just admiring the armor when it decided to attack the bookcase,” I explained to her.

“Stop being such a boy,” she said in an I’m messing with you voice.

“But I am a boy and your parent’s dearest friend’s son,” I said, as we took the scroll out of the library as fast as we could so, the crass librarian wouldn’t notice us.

“Yeah, thats why I’m friends with you,” she said with sarcasm in her voice.

While we were searching the castle walls for the secret entrance, Cornelius, Nalia’s steward came over and said, “Your highness, your parents request your presents in the great hall,” in a royal accent.

Nalia got up, straightened her dress and left with Cornelius. She looked back as she walked away, her hair blowing in a mess like usually.

“I’m not sure how long they’ll want me,” she said.

“I’ll find you afterward and we can look some more,” I responded.

The odd thing is that her parents are always busy. She hardly ever gets to see them except for special occasions and maybe on occasion when they aren’t very busy so, whatever they want her for must be pretty important. So, while I waited I decided to browse the castle halls. Within an hour of walking the halls I heard why Nalia’s parents wanted to see her.

I was walking through the one of the old castle hallways when i heard one of the maids say to the other, “Did you hear about the princess?” asked the first maid.

“Yes! I can’t believe princess Nalia isn’t really a princess and her name isn’t really Nalia, either, and that she didn’t even know the whole time she lived here,” the second maid said to the other.

“Yea, I know I can hardly believe it. She is leaving as soon as later today.”

“Do you know where she is being taken.”

She was about to answer when Cornelius came over to them and said, “You two, go help the….. princess pack her bags,” Even though he ordered those maids, I could still hear something in his voice; a sound of unsureness, almost sad or disappointed.

Then I started to think: I guess that makes sense. Nalia never really was like most princesses, she was much clumsier, her hair was always unkempt, and her dress never perfectly straight… So what would that make her real name, or where she is really from… She must be devastated, to know now that everything she has ever known was never actually hers, that she was never who she thought she was… Oh my gosh she was never who I thought she was, but that doesn’t change who she is inside. She is still my friend, no matter her name or identity… I need to talk to her before she leaves.

I left the hallway to see if I could find her. At first, I decided that it might be a good idea if I walk around the castle to see if I can find a carriage waiting, but there was no carriage. So, I thought I’d go up and check her room, but she wasn’t there either so, I went over to the window to see if I could get a better view. When I looked out the window I saw her coming out of the door on her way to the carriage by the palace stables. The carriage she was walking toward was a simple conveyance, but it was nothing compared to the fancy royal carriage drawn by four white horses bearing a girl that looked just like….Nalia, but at the same time nothing like her. This girl was as graceful as a deer walking in the woods, her hair fell smoothly down her back, she looked like the perfect princess.

I rushed out the door,I have to talk to Nalia before she  leaves. I went down the stairs as fast as I possibly could. By the time I got out of the palace doors she was already in her carriage. The carriage had started to leave, I tried to run as fast as I could and even yell, “Nalia! Nalia!” but the carriage never stopped and I guess she must not have heard me. I stopped running and bent over with my hands on my knees to catch my breath. “Good-bye, Nalia,” I thought as the carriage road off, for the person inside I might never come in contact with again.

I decided to go back to the garden and walk the landscape but, before I had a chance, Cornelius came up to me and said,“Um young man, the King and Queen request your presents in the great hall before dinner.”

So, before dinner I went to the great hall. It was a good thing they asked me there to talk, I had a few questions to ask them about the whole situation. When I entered through the giant, heavy, decorative wooden doors, both the King and Queen were at the end of the aisle. I started down the aisle, royal blue colored carpet under my feet as I walk. Then I was standing before them. They both wore very nice clothes, not simple but, not extravagant. They both sat by each other both in their own royal chair, embellished with royal blue embroidery.

“Your highnesses,” I said as I bowed before them, “I had a few questions.”

“Yes? Well, we thought we would let you know that Sinda has left, and that Nalia, the true princess has arrived. You will get to meet her tonight at dinner,” said the King in his deep kingly voice.

“Is that her real name? Sinda?” I asked out of curiosity.

“Yes, dear. She was sent back to her home in Treb, to live with her aunt,” the Queen said in a light, caring voice.


“Does that answer your question?” asked the King

“All except one, why was there a false princess? Why did you need Na….I mean Sinda to take the place as princess until now?”

“Well, my dearest friend’s son, according to the oracle [(which is an all knowing woman who gives God’s prophecy for one)] there was a chance that the princess could die, murdered, before her sixteenth birthday. We had to make sure this didn’t happen. We sent Nalia to a convent to be raised by nuns but, at the same time learned what a princess would learn in normal circumstances. Then we sent two wizards out to find an infant that would look just look just like Nalia and they came back with Sinda,” explained the King.

“Ok well thank you. See you at dinner,” I said and left for dinner.

I met the real Nalia, she was nice, intelligent, graceful, beautiful, and confident, but she wasn’t Sinda. The truth is I missed her… a lot. We’ve known each other forever and this is the first time we’ve ever been apart, not able to find each other on the castle grounds somewhere and I love her. I missed her, I missed everything about her. It had been weeks since she left and I’ve been so lonely. I decided to ask if I could get a carriage to Treb to find her. They allowed me but, not at first. A t first the King said, “No, why would you want to do that, she is a mere peasant in a small town?”

“I have known her forever, we are best friends and I miss her soooo much,” I pleaded

“No,” the King said dry and flat.

“You had her summoned here to be raised as a princess, her not knowing who she really was, to protect the real one so that if the princess was to get murdered it wouldn’t be the real one it would be Sinda, my best friend and the person I LOVE!!!!” I proclaimed.

“Ok then, Carsen you must go to Treb and find Sinda, if and when you find her bring her back so that the two of you may wed,” The Queen proclaimed herself. Then said with a smile, “It will be a grand bash of a wedding when you return, good luck!”

“Thank you, thank you I appreciate your amazingly grateful kindness, your majesty.”

I left for Treb the next day in a carriage not much different from the one Sinda left in. The trip took three long days but, when we arrived we didn’t even know. We arrived early morning, the carriage driver had to ask, a man leaning on a small hut’s wall, “Is this Treb?”

“Yes. Oh, let me guess, by the looks of that fancy carriage you want to see the fancy royal girl that rolled in here a few weeks ago. Its on the left with the garden in the front,” said the man, and off we went. The carriage stopped again within a few seconds. I got out and told the driver to to go park and that we would leave later tonight. I walked up to the door and knocked, the old lite by a flickering street light. A middle aged woman answers the door.

“You look as if you came from the royals,”said the woman surprised.

“Is this the home of Sinda?” I asked.

“Sinda!” the woman yelled into the house, then walked back into the house.

From a door in the back of the small cottage came a girl. She wore a filthy dress and looked as if she’d been worked to the bone.

“Carsen?!!” she said with both excitement and confusion. She threw her arms around me with a large embrace. “I’ve missed you so much,” she said into my shoulder as we hugged. She let go and we stopped hugging.

“I’ve missed you, too,” I said then took both of her hands in mine, “But I came here for not only to see you but ask you something. You see we’ve known each other ever since we were very small, and our recent separation made me realize that, Sinda you are the most beautiful, wonderful girl I’ve ever met. No perfect princess could ever match what you have. I love you and never want to be that far away from you ever again. Will you marry me?” I said with all my heart and soul.

It was an amazing wedding, even the King had fun. Sinda’s aunt got to come to the wedding, too and got to where a very extravagant, beautiful dress; something she has never gotten to wear before. Carsen and Sinda got to live in the palace and ended up having three beautiful children. Although, they still haven’t found King Kelman’s secret door.

Short Story Winner – “White Dove” – Olivia Fisher

The Day Before….

Smoke roared through the halls, everyone was coughing and stumbling through the halls trying to find their way to an exit. My lungs felt like they were on fire, my eyes were melting out of my sockets. Wherever this smoke was coming from, somone had let it loose on purpose. It wasn’t until I had made it through my room and through the doors to the main hall that I heard the screaming. People dressed in all black with masks covering everything but their eyes were standing in the hall. Six of them were circled around me while countless others were running about, snatching coughing and screaming people. My mind was fuzzy from the smoke. I couldn’t register how these men had gotten into the Werewolf headquarters, let alone past our security. I was only thinking in detail though, right now I had to escape. I closed my eyes and began to fight.

Current Day….

Fighting had been useless, I was far too weak to have been able to fight well. They had taken me down quickly, but I still gave them a run for their money. I had broken one guys wrist and  another’s arm, I also had left deep teeth marks in the hand of another. When they had finally managed to get me into the van I was beat, the smoke left a burning sensation throughout my entire body and my eyes felt like fireballs. It took thirty minutes to get to the destination, that would be an hour running time for me. Big hands threw me out of the van by my arm, I hit hard ground. I must be inside a garage. The air was damp and stale, so it felt closer to an old cave. The large hands drug me into another room, I had lost all sense of my surroundings when he hit my head with a wooden board. When the bag was ripped off my head I had to squint against the light, I was strapped into a cold metal chair. It looked like I was in an operating room, there were drills and all sorts of little sharp objects. A man walked towards me from the shadows and he too was dressed like everyone else, in all black with only his eyes showing.

“I wish I could say I was sorry about what I am about to do,” He picked up a metal plate that had “White Dove” and my age,16, written on it, he also picked up a drill and four bolts, “But I’m afraid that I am not sorry.” He took another step towards me, and panic shot like a rocket through me.

“No.” was all I could say, I tried to break the hold on the table but I was bound by metal. The drill seemed to make a sound similar to laughter and as the bolts bounced in his pockets they seemed to mock me. I started screaming, screaming like a toddler who felt like a monster was in their closet. I only wished this monster would disappear, too, if I only turned on a light.

I was stuck in a room, chains bound me to one side. Tears still slid down my face, the metal plate was stuck to me. The bolts had been drilled into my jaw bones, I wanted to puke at the memory. I couldn’t do anything, I could only breath through my nose and blink away the last of the effects of the gas from my eyes. I couldn’t make sense what this group was doing, what their motivation was, or why they targeted the werewolves. They all seemed to be human, but humans could never pull something like this off. Not without help at least. Reality punched me in the gut, help is all it took for me to figure it out. Delgado had helped them, no wonder they had gotten into the headquarters so easily. I felt like a fool, I should never have banished my own father. He was a murder, he had killed my mother when she had found out that I was destined to be some kind of amazing hero by the Fates, and then he had put me in the orphanage. Now he wasn’t just going to kill me, he was going to kill everyone who opposed him. I felt sick, my head started pounding. My vision turned red from anger, absolute anger welled up inside me like a rocket waiting to launch. The chains made a rattling sound from my clenched fists shaking. Inside my head I was screaming. I heard a bolt on the door click and then it opened. It was another guard, he walked over and unchained me. I tried to lash out at him, to hit him in the head with the metal plate on my face, to cut him with my chains, anything to harm him. He kicked me away and pulled down his mask, he too wore a metal plate. “Toby” was carved into it. I looked into his eyes and slowly began to understand, he was part of a rescue mission. Quickly he replaced the mask and I went with him, more willing this time.

When we had navigated our way through the network of tunnels we had found ourselves standing on a cliff high above a large body of water. The salty breeze gave away that it was the ocean. Levi indicated for me to turn around. I wasn’t prepared for the sight that unfolded. Everyone I ever knew and hundreds I had never met were on their knees before me. They all, too, had metal plates on their faces. I could tell that anyone around the age of eight and lower did not though. That brought slight comfort, though it didn’t fix the black hole forming in my stomach. Everyone slowly turned their eyes towards me, tears stained their faces. I could tell they had stained mine too. It was only a month ago that I had been appointed to Alpha Wolf, and this is where I had gotten my pack.

A booming voice sounded from behind me, “Isn’t this just grand!” I whipped my head around, Delgado stood in between Pery, my brother, and Emily, my best friend, with his arms spread open. I glared at him. His dark hair was cut short and his eyes looked black. He stood tall, all his years in battle really gave him a strong and confident look, but I saw the devil that danced in his eyes. Percy and Emily both wore a sad and worn look in their golden eyes. Emily’s short curly hair was in knots, I could tell she had put up a fight. Percy’s dark hair was messy as well, he too showed signs of a fight. I could only guess how my own white and curly hair looked, and I was sure my green eyes showed nothing but hatred at the moment. “Now, now, Dove. Is that any way to look at your father?” He faked a sympathetic smile, I wanted to throw him off the cliff. “I know what you must be thinking,” He said as he walked towards me, I counted my chances of being able to strangle him with the chains on my hands and they were slim. Instead I silently strangled him in my mind as he casually made his way over. He kept talking about how this was the only solution for the wolves if he was to rule them. “You see, I spent my whole life asking the Fates if I would be the special wolf, the one that could lift the werewolf race to glory..” He stared at the sky as if imagining it, “But alas..” He turned on his heels to face me, “It was my mangy daughter they chose..” He spit on the ground next to me. “Your mother was SO proud of you!” He seethed his fangs of teeth at the mention of my mother, “She couldn’t stop talking to me about how you would be an even better wolf then myself, and how proud that should make me..” His voice got as dark as night and his eyes turned to cold hard metal, “But..that didn’t make me feel.. PROUD!” He spit the last word out like it had personally offended him. I didn’t take but a moments glance down to see that my handcuffs had fallen off, but I didn’t move my hands. I acted as though they were still on, I looked over to Levi. He nodded ever so slightly to me, I adjusted where I was standing. I could just see Percy and Alice out of the corner of my eye, there handcuffs too were off. Delgado was so deep in his rage and screaming curse words to everyone that he was blind to what we were doing. It took exactly five seconds for Delgado to realize what had happened, and those five seconds costed him the top three best fighters out of all the prisoners and his top guard. I could feel his rage roar through the ground. Percy, Emily, Toby and myself were racing towards the edge of the cliff. Below the rabid waters gnashed its rocky teeth at us, welcoming us like its next meal. At that moment I could hear death laughing cruelly at me, the wind seem to try to shove us back. I knew it only took myself ten seconds to reach the edge but it felt like an eternity had passed when I finally felt myself go airborne. The icy waters tugged and pulled at my body, the cold punched at my lungs. I was tossed around like a rag doll, I could hardly get any air. The metal plate was going to drown me before the water did. A wave crashed me into a jagged rock, I managed to grip the rock. I saw that everyone had done the same. The side of the cliff showed a cave entrance, it was a big risk but it was there or drown. I leaped into the water, I could only hope everyone could follow. The salty water stung my eyes, but by now I had forgotten what it felt like for my eyes to not be stinging. We fought for twenty minutes in the cold and unforgiving waters. At the end of the cave was a rocky shore that showed a path to a forest. The cave was easily four miles long and too narrow for any vehicles, I prayed Delgado wouldn’t be as insane as to send someone after us through there. I clawed my way onto the bank, I felt like I was a sock thrown out of a washing machine. I could tell everyone felt the same by the dull look in there eyes. I looked towards the forest, it didn’t even seem real. The smell of pine and wild flowers proved that it was without even going near it. When I looked back at everyone they were on their feet. They stood ready, true warriors. I managed to pull myself up as well and together we set off.

I was right about one thing, it took me an hour to run back to the headquarters. We had sprinted with a speed that we shouldn’t have been able to possess. We nimbly jumped creeks and fallen trees, we became part of the wind as we sprinted through the forest. We had all cried for joy at the sight of the headquarters through the dense foliage of the trees. We hit the edge of the forest and stopped. We scouted out the area with our eyes, since none of us could speak we did our best to communicate through body language. We didn’t see anybody, not a single form of life was within thirty feet of us or the headquarters. I made a gesture with my hand and Percy and Alice knew what to do, they hung back as I crept out from the safety of the trees and into the daylight. It felt like taking off a blanket of comfort, if anyone was around then I was an open target. All my days and hours spent training in the gym and classroom came rushing back to me. I made sure my body weight was even, my ears and eyes were alert and scanning the area. I made it to the doors of an old side entrance without struggle. The fact that nothing had happened yet made me even more on edge. Delgado must have presumed us dead, well I hopped he did. I kicked the old metal door open. The hallway was dark, I could see gray stains from the gas that had infested the building. As I stepped in I got a slight burning sensation from lingering bits of the gas. Papers and books scattered the floor, along with shoes and various other items like dolls and pens. I looked back out the door and held up a fist, Percy was standing beside me a moment later. Together we made our way through the halls, past empty rooms and ransacked offices. The whole place felt still and sad, like the building itself was weeping. I wanted to cry and to run back outside, but that wasn’t even remotely an option. Percy and I neared the end of a hallway and we saw the familiar wooden and gold doors. Beyond those doors was our home, the place where Percy had grown up and where I had only just started calling home. He put his arm around me and we pushed open the doors.

I could hardly recall what exactly had happened next. All I could really remember was Mother Marion rushing towards us with tears in her eyes and cleaning us up, ignoring our metal plates, and then ushering us off to sleep. I had never slept as hard as I did that night, my brain yelled danger but my body kept screaming for sleep. I awoke to sunlight pouring in my window, dust floated through the rays of light like snowflakes. I forced myself to throw back the covers and sit up, I let out a long sigh. My eyes shot open and I rushed to a mirror. The metal plate was gone. All of that couldn’t have been some crazy dream, it was too real. I turned to my bedside table, there lay a metal plate with my name carved into it. Next to it was an unusual smelling cream, a scoop was taken out of the middle of it. Mother Marion must have applied it to my face, that would explain how the holes had disappeared. I shuddered at the thought of that poor old woman taking the bolts from my face. She must have given us some kind of sleeping medicine. Mother Marion didn’t always come off as a nice lady, but she had a change of heart after I had almost gotten killed from a Troll attack. She was a short, dark haired, latina woman who was an expert at  all things magic. I admired her, she really knew exactly what to do when it came to healing. I went to the mirror and plopped down in front of it. Slowly I began to open and close my mouth, then I tried talking. I felt fine, like nothing had happened. I threw on a black t-shirt, pulled my hair back with a red bandana, pulled on a pair of jeans and shoes, then I made my way to the kitchen. Once I arrived to the kitchen everyone stopped talking and turned towards me, expectantly. Tears grew in my eyes but not from sadness, from anger. I understood the challenges and the battle that lay ahead of me. The next two days was spent planning and strategizing. I worked myself past my own physical and mental capability, but I was confident. I had the best team behind me to catch me when I fell.  Delgado was not going to win, I wouldn’t let him. He is the lone house sitting in the field, and I am the storm that is about to rage through his halls.

Short Story Winner – “Untitled” – Tabbi Stephens

Tabbi Stephens

The phone tightly gripped in her hand, she stopped herself from saying anything she would regret when the phone call ended. “ i just think you need to get out more, thats all .”

“ mom, i’m perfectly happy with what i do now.” she argued back. Her mom was always like this, telling her what she thinks of her choices, if she approves, what she would change, what she would do. Annalise was sick of it. She was happy the way she was, most of the time. Sure, she enjoyed being alone sometimes. listening to music alone, reading alone, being to herself. but she sometimes got lonely, and she didn’t enjoy that. She wanted to live a normal life, one filled with friends, shared laughter, and memories to remember when she forgets her own name. She wanted to live in reality, but she didn’t know how.


She walked up the concrete steps of the library , her short hair bobbing along with her .  She had planned this visit, having an internal debate with herself all morning on whether the trip was worth it or not. She knew it was and her want for it was endless. Swinging the heavy doors open , she took a deep breath and stepped inside the small vestibule. Her hands were shaking and she tried calming her anxietees by repeating “ its just a book, its just a book “ over and over in her head but she knew it was a lie. This wasn’t just a book, she knew that. Everyone who knew of this book knew that.


She pressed her hands together and looked for the correct section . She searched vigorously, probably reading more than 100 titles, not one of them was what she was looking for. Finally she approached the  small wrinkled man at the counter. She was more nervous than before but finally gained the confidence and spoke “ excuse me i was looking for..” she trailed off realizing he was not paying attention but rather looking through the cupboards below the desk.

“ i know what you’re looking for “ he spoke, breaking the short silence of the great library .


She looked quickly to him, their eyes meeting and a knowing smiled took over his features .

he set the dusting book with distinctive gold trim on the counter. Hastily, she reached out for it, ‘thank you ‘ repeatedly falling from her mouth. Giving him one last smile she bolted out of the library and vivid thoughts of what the book held filled her mind. Nearing the bottom of the bleak concrete steps, she heard a voice behind her. “ Be careful” , looking back nothing was there but the shutting of the libraries door.


The half hour trip home felt like an eternity. she was filled with anticipation . She didnt dare open the book until she was in the safe walls of her home. Stepping off the crowded bus, fear struck her again. “what if it doesn’t work?” “What if it really is dangerous?” “What will happen to me?”

Reaching the front door of her small apartment, she reached for the keys her hands cold and shaking. Finally, the door flew open and she kicked off her shoes and made her way to her desk. She gently took the book from its home in her bag. Being honest with herself, she wasn’t exactly sure what was so special about it or what it was supposed to do even. Maybe her excitement and fear came from the thought of the many questions the book caused and the mysteriousness of it all. She stood still, the book firmly in her grasp. Her statuesque manner came from the sudden thought of “ what if something does happen?”

She shook it off and out of her mind. Taking a seat, she cracked the book open. Reading every word and taking it all in. She was captivated.  It was beautiful, perfect imagery and depictions of fiery sunsets and green fields with yellow flowers. Her mind was on fire. She was sucked in, no longer in reality. She had already spent hours staring at the pages filling her mind with a false sense of reality. She fell asleep as the sun was rising her mind captivated and the book wide open. Things were happening. The book started to gain an eerie glow, coming from the letters then gradually spreading to the rest of the document.

With the glow burning brighter the book started to shake slightly and then vines started sprouting from the inner pages. They grew quickly wrapping around themselves then growing larger and entwining themselves around her hands and arms.  She woke with a shutter, the vines growing tighter around her wrists and holding her captive. She was dazed and didn’t really process the situation. She shook her arms trying to break free but it was no use.  It was like in the movies where you’re sucked into an alternate reality. She could feel herself being pulled into the parallel . She was sucked in. Words flinging by her head, constant strings of sentences but they were not her own. It was strange she didnt exactly just appear there, but it wasn’t a trip either. Maybe this was all a dream, maybe she had food poisoning from the chinese place up the street.  She wanted out of this dream. She tried to close the book, but it wasnt there. She looked below her, she seemed to be floating in a white room. It was white, a smooth crisp white that encased the entire space. No walls or corners where visible and the space seemed endless. It smelled like a hospital, sterile and seemed very unhomely. She wanted to leave, she didn’t like hospitals, the white was blinding. a fast rhythmic thump was flowing throughout the room. She listened and although it was faint, it was still pulsing in her ears. Suddenly, green vines came from the walls, covering the sterile white and spreading quickly throughout out the now small room. they came cascading down, making the floor visible, the whole room was coming alive. It looked like a forest. Trees sprouting up in seconds, flowers popping up and a blue sky appearing overhead. It was beautiful. Birds chirping and small clovers springing up . It all stopped, from the corner of her eye she saw the figure of a man. “how does it look?” her mind spinning, she thought this was a weird dream. sometimes in her early classes, if she drank the campus coffee she’d get weird daydreams. this was it. she was just sick. “ Hello? are you mute?” his voice boomed, obviously irritated with her lack of response. “ its beautiful, i’m in awe” she sputtered out with no thought. It really was beautiful though, vibrant colors and contrasting wildlife. Suddenly, the trees were being swept away and all of the flowers and wildlife disappeared. The blue sky was taken over by a dark grey with a threatening presence . She was in water up to her neck, it still rushing into the room quickly. Panicking, she swam to her left but it felt as if the room  was endless. Was she really in the ocean? salt water splashing on her face and stinging her eyes, she tried to think logically but she was too overwhelmed. She felt something grip her leg, she was more than frightened. Whatever was latched around her leg was not letting go. her head was pulled under as she took her last breath. She reached the bottom but it wasn’t as expected, she lay on a black and white tile floor, gasping for air. it was all happening too fast to understand it. Why was this happening. “The book never mentioned this,” she spoke softly “i want to go home.”

“ you want your reality back?” the ominous voice mocked. she just shook her head yes, tears brimming her eyes. “ You’ve wasted your time trying to escape your reality and avoid your life, now you want it back? is this not what you expected?” “no, i want a complete re-do,please” she begged. She had spent only 15 minutes in the dream like state, even though it felt like forever and one second at the same time.

She was at her desk, the mysterious book closed and her hands free of any plants. She grabbed her coat and went out.

Final Blog – Nikki Caudill

The Tomato Juice Challenge changed my life drastically! It all started in English that day!!

We were sitting in our seat class had just started Mrs. Jankov was so nervous about talking to us about it. She started talking about Human Trafficking in Ohio and all over the world. She got most of the class pumped about the Tomato Juice Challenge and WE ALL GOT EXCITED So Destiny and I stayed after school to help out and to spread the word. We made a Youtube video and I loved every minute of doing it.

It changed my life by letting me let my light shine on the poeple who needed help the most and i loved how  i got to help out THANK YOU MRS.JANKOV

Final Blog – Kourtney VanWagner

  1. What I have learned about English this year.

What I have learned this year is how to identify signposts, what type of format to use when putting works cited for my report this year. How to identify characterization and figuring out the thesis statements to any story. I can also identify the difference between a paragraph and a essay. I have also learned how to speak in front of a class and present anything in front of the class. This whole semester this year have overall made me become a better reader. I have never read any Shakespeare until this year and that helped me understand more about the old English language. Working in groups helped for when I am older and have a job where I have to do that all the time.

  1. What I have learned about life.

What I have learned about life this year is that all lives are valuable, and that we should value peoples lives, abilities, thoughts and they way they feel. We should help out people that need it and be there for people who need someone to talk to or just be friend. I have also learned that life is too short to be mad all the time, stay home every weekend and not at least try to make a little difference in the world, whether it’s giving to people across seas or helping your neighbors. People should value other people for who they are, not the color of their skin, or the way they dress, or even the way they express themselves.

All Life is Special – Trenton Tucker

This project is definitely special and unique,We actually get the chance to help other people in the world we live on.I feel that we need to make the world a better place,i mean c’mon,we live here so why not make it the best we can,and this project is helping this.I feel that we should do more projects like this one as a school instead of just as a class.We live in a world where when people see something that they don’t like and doesnt concern them they simply turn their head,This needs to change,let me know what you think.


Last Blog! – Jacob Snyder

In English I, I learned that everyone has a voice and a purpose. I also learned how to write a research paper and learned to analyze stories. Many other things I learned was blogs, find the thesis statement, make a persuasive essay, creative stories, and what power, violence, and leadership is.

Things I learned about life from English I, is that everyone has a purpose and there are really bad parts of the world to where there is no food, education, and people are traded to many reasons. These things made me think about how the world needs to change. I also learned that you need to live your live to the fullest and care for those that have little. Another thing I learned is to help people in need by speaking out and spread the word.

What I Have Learned in English – Bradley Ruminski

I have learned a lot about literature and a lot of interesting things about the English language.  But I feel like the most is from Ms. Jankov.  The way she acts and her drive is inspiring.  She is a godly strong woman, an excellent role model.  Now I learned a lot about Romeo and Juliet and kids being stranded on islands.  But what I learned is to be like Ms. J.   

Final blog – Mason Noland

This project has meant a lot to me. At first I didn’t know if it was going to work. But then I finally realized how good we had here and that  I myself need to be more grateful. I also learned  that little money here means more there. I learned that people take too many things for granted also and that people say they are thankful but they don’t mean it.

I would like to live my life differently by start being thankful for what I have and not whine and complain about the simplest thing. I also have decided that when I get older and have a job I want to donate monthly to a charity that supports a third world country that needs help. I also want to stop cherishing everything and start taking things more serious like seeing my family and school.