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I believe that QWOP is the greatest online video game of all time. The reason i think this is because it is very simple to play. The objective is to travel as far as you can with the run by only controlling his thighs and calfs. It is a lot harder than it sounds.

 When you play QWOP there are only four keys that you have to press to control the runner. These keys are Q, W, O and P. Hence the name QWOP. Q and W control the runners thighs while O and P control his calfs. The guys arms are move simultaneously with his thighs to make it look like he is running. QWOP may sound simple but is extremely difficult.

The best way to be successful in QWOP is hard to figure out, but i will tell you. You start off by double tapping O, putting the runner in prime position to start running. Next you press W and O at the same time causing him to take his first leap. After that you wait until his leading foot is aligned with the top of the track in the background, once it is there you press Q and P at the same time which will allow the runner to take another step. then you repeat the process. If you reach 50 meters there is a hurdle. The best way to get around it is just by simply imagining it isn’t there. Now you are ready to attempt the game of QWOP.

The game may be simple and sound easy but don’t be fooled it is very difficult. If you want to take the QWOP challenge here is a link to play. Try to beat my score which is currently exactly 50 meters. Good luck and I hope I helped.

14 thoughts on “QWOP – Michael Flores

  1. Michael,
    This was a good blog. It helps me understand how to play QWOP. Why is this such a good game? Also this game is pretty difficult for me to play. Lastly, you made an awesome blog.

  2. Michael, I have tried countless times to get more than 10 yards, and I’ve never been able to. This is informative, which I believe will help me. Great Blog.

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